Danise Prescott, Professional Dancer

"Vanessa uses her own special technique combining the fierceness of boxing with the focus and visualization of meditation… then makes it more of a beautiful bundle when she teaches you about healing (physically, emotionally, spiritually) with local medicinal plants. I can only fully express my gratitude for her teaching and guidance by sharing it because she has changed my world and made me feel like more of the Bad Ass that was waiting to be released! *cue Eye of the Tiger please!”


Alison Kidd, Marketing Strategist/Ju Jitsu Practitioner

“There are a few words to describe my work with Vanessa over the past few months - explorative, fulfilling, expanding. My work with Vanessa has brought intention and interconnectedness into all facets of my life. Weekly, we work on a variety of activities including boxing fundamentals, meditation, intention building and herbalism. Our work together has truly strengthened my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice and in turn has made me a better, more aware athlete - employing meditative principles like mindfulness and visualization and using boxing fundamentals - like counter-punching and observing strategies. In addition and beyond my movement practice, we together have planned to steadily incorporate mindfulness, meditative practices and herbal infusions that are most useful for my personal and daily life. Vanessa has an amazing way of tapping into and pulling out insights and intentions that are bubbling just below my surface, showing me how every facet of the human experience can be manifested in movement practice as well as daily life.”


Shine Blackhawk, Singer, Songwriter & Poet

“This woman's work is so important in connecting to our eldest master teachers: Plant medicine. Her workshops have really raised the frequency of my wild brews, tinctures and potions. I owe so much to this wolf woman and her workshops, and her retreats with the wolves in So. Salem are incredibly powerful ....Get to know Vanessa’s work.”


Marina Book, Naturopath & Founder of Rawfork

“Vanessa’s words continue to work their magic long after she says them, and I find myself hearing them over and over again, and even emulating the powerful breathing and releasing techniques she has shown during practices. I can't recommend Vanessa's teaching style enough - if you have a chance to work with her in any capacity, I urge you to do so, without hesitations. She is wise beyond her years, beautiful from the inside out, and radiates kindness. I realized that her kindness is completely without boundaries - it extends to anyone on her path, which is a beautiful thing to witness.”


Danielle Alicia, Yogi and founder of Blue Chalice

“Whenever I work with Vanessa, I feel like all the power deep inside my core is drawn from the inside out, rather than built up on the outside. It’s wild. Her retreats at the Wolf Sanctuary are dreamy, grounding, intuitive-building and very aligned with wolf-nature. Thank You for all you bring to the wolves and the wild women of the world!”


Jenn Ruff, Filmmaker

“Vanessa is an incredibly gifted teacher and I feel like a veil was lifted from my eyes, opening them to the amazing world of plant medicines that grow all around us. I would recommend any of Vanessa's workshop as she is a true healer and teacher and helps you awaken your own healing animal instincts and become more aware of the sacred world within, and around you.”